Snack Squad Program

Want to take the initiative and make a difference on your campus?

Join the Snack Squad

Who we want on our team

We're looking for 18+, passionate and outgoing community leaders to embody our Snack values and represent us within their community! Join a team of passionate localized creative marketers to gain work experience and kick start your marketing career! We're looking for amazing folks of all genders & all backgrounds, but here are the universal characteristics we're excited to see on our Snack Squad:

Entrepreneur - You can identify trends, pitch creative ideas, negotiate partnerships, host events, stay up to date with the latest marketing trends and platforms. You take the initiative and are willing to own your projects.

Connected - You love engaging with others in real life or on social media! You are highly involved with your campus and community, and you create engaging and creative content on your social media!

Outgoing - You are highly social, friendly, and approachable. You have the natural ability to connect with others and relate to others in various situations.

Passionate - You live and breathe, Snack! You are someone who will embody the Snack core values and mission wherever you go!

What will you do?

As a Snack Squad member, we want to offer you the creative freedom to write most of your job description. Here are the basic requirements that you'll have to complete:

Social Media - You are the person who knows your community's culture the best. You'll work with the Snack marketing team to reach out to students through various creative social media campaigns.

Find opportunities and throw events - As part of our marketing team, you'll collaborate with student organizations and local businesses to facilitate creative and fun experiences.

Learn the skills you want to learn on Snack’s dime - Our goal is to empower individuals to be creative and spread the Snack brand the best way that you can. Suppose you want to organize a photoshoot for our merch or start your own influencer campaign. In that case, all you have to do is pitch your idea to us, and if we like it, you'll have the opportunity to take full ownership of your projects. Best of all, we'll pay for it!

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What You'll Get

Secure the Bag $💰$ — You'll earn a monthly stipend and have the opportunity to earn extra bonuses based on your performance and what projects you want to get involved in!

Exclusive merch & other goodies
— Snack only items!! (just for you 😜)

The resources to do what you want to — You are free to think outside of the box, take ownership and pursue the Snack projects you want to. Bring these ideas to HQ, and once we approve them, we'll provide you with all the resources you need to pursue them!

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What makes Snack Squad such a sweet opportunity?

Gain Experience & Build Your Resume
Working with Snack will help you gain real and transferable experience to help with your career goals. You will work closely with the Snack marketing team and have the creative freedom to bring Snack to life on your campus through events, partnerships, and more. We are happy to provide a letter of completion or recommendation letter to those who have shown high-quality work.

Endless Networking Opportunities
Meet and work with tastemakers and influencers in your community! As a Snack Squad member, you'll form relationships with like-minded individuals and start building a vast network of professionals.

Learn, Grow and Get Promoted
As you grow Snack's presence and user base in your community, we want to help you grow personally and professionally. Snack awards hardworking squad members by offering promotions to Campus or Region Lead positions. We will grant you more responsibilities and work closely with the Snack marketing team to help manage our Snack Squad program!

If what you've read has piqued your interest:

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